Power Snack Soars into Eagle Grove

posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

We’re SOARING into Eagle Grove to make two deliveries—first at Eagle Grove Elementary followed by a stop at Robert Blue Middle School.

"The Power Snack Program benefits Robert Blue Middle School students and Eagle Grove families by providing the ability to meet a basic need of food for low-income families when a school meal is not available, such as on the weekend or during an extended break,” said Robert Blue Middle School Principal Charles Mausser. “Additionally, the food provided is healthy and encourages healthy eating habits, which is a wonderful bonus.”

Grace holds a Powersnack sign

The coupons can be redeemed at any local grocery store or market and supply students with the food ingredients to make twelve delicious (but most importantly nutritious!) “Power Snacks” at home. Coupons are typically distributed prior to extended holiday breaks when students go without breakfast and lunch meal programs at school.

Student Success Coordinator McKristie Willard says, “students get so excited about these coupons because they know it means healthy and delicious food for their family!”

Another rural Iowa school district supported by the efforts of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation.

School principal talks to eleanor