Power Snack Stops in Fort Dodge

posted on Monday, October 25, 2021

"The Power Snack coupons allows us a real response to students when they tell us they don't have food at home,” said Kirsten Doebel, District Administrator for Fort Dodge Community Schools. “Unfortunately, this happens far more often than we would like, and we know these coupons alleviate some of that struggle.”

Fort Dodge

With 1 in 8 Iowa children facing food insecurity, Iowa Select Farms, under the leadership of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, are driving the change to help end childhood hunger. Through the Power Snack™ program, Iowa Select Farms employees will be giving ham and bread coupons, along with pork sticks, to teachers and schools for distribution to their students. This program will supply enough coupons to total over 1,000,000 ham sandwiches, as well as 20,000 pork snack sticks, to help end childhood hunger, which the Foundation’s Power Snack™ program has been tackling for 9 years.

Fort Dodge Community School District received 5,000 Power Snack coupon booklets to be divided amongst their seven schools that will help the students in their district facing food insecurity.

Eleanor pulls a cart up to the school doors