Power Snack Visits Clarion-Goldfield-Dows

posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Howdy partners—we’re in Clarion! The cowboys and cowgirls of the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Community School District will be fully stocked with Power Snack coupons from grades K-12.

“We have been gracious recipients of these coupons for several years now. Students eagerly await and request them that are dealing with food insecurity,” said Erin Halverson, the Nurse at Clarion Goldfield Dows High School. “I love that they are not bound by income guidelines but rather to be used at our discretion knowing the needs of a family may change in an instant. These coupons provide sandwiches for days for these families and proper nutrition.”

clarion picture

In total, we left this community with 2,200 Power Snack coupons, a contribution valued at $17,600. Clarion and its citizens, in the heart of Wright County, is so greatly appreciated. We look forward to the ways that we can make a difference in places like Clarion in the near future.

“The Power Snack program has been extremely beneficial at CGD. We have many students who are food insecure due to a variety of situations. I have many families who live together as housing is a huge barrier in our community. I also have many children who are homeless or may not have a parent/guardian with them,” said CGD Social Worker Shanda Foust-Staples. “I am appreciative of the program as it allows me to put something directly in the student’s hands so they can go to the store and prepare a snack and not go hungry. Thank you again for providing us the coupons."

Thanks to Ava and Ashley for hopping in the pictures with us—we hope you enjoy the pork sticks!

clarion photo