Power Snack visits Gilmore City-Bradgate CSD

posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

“As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I know that the combination of ham and whole wheat bread is a powerful trifecta for nutrition,” said Kelsey Wigans, Seed to Table Manager, RDN, LDN at Gilmore City-Bradgate Elementary School. “Power Snack provides carbohydrate, fat and protein, which are important for satiety, growth and essential nutrients needed for other functions within the body.”

A program of Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, Power Snack aims reduce childhood hunger in Iowa by providing kids access to nutritious food at home. Four times throughout the school year children receive a $5 coupon for deli ham and $3 coupon for a loaf of whole wheat bread.

“School-based food-assistance programs for children from low-income families greatly aid the learning process, but those same children may still suffer from food insecurity on weekends and holiday breaks,” said Allyson Ladd, communications specialist at Iowa Select Farms. “We encourage teachers to distribute our Power Snacks prior to those breaks to ensure no child ever has to go to bed hungry.”

Throughout November 6-19, Iowa Select Farms employees have been hand delivering Power Snacks to 127 schools statewide—enough to provide 23,267 children with 36 meals each.

“Food insecurity affects our students and their ability to focus in the classroom,” explained Kelsey. “It is important for students to have full bellies so they can learn, comprehend what they are learning, and ultimately become healthy adults that contribute to society.”

As farmers and pork producers, Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation are passionate about assisting hunger-relief efforts, particularly those directed towards children. Which is why as part of our ongoing commitment to rural Iowa, we have increased the number of children served through Power Snack by nearly 14,000 since 2012.

“What excites me most about this program is that I know it is more than just one meal or snack for students and their families,” continued Kelsey. “It is hearty, nutritious meals that will last extended periods of time when they need it most.”

56 students in the Gilmore City-Bradgate Community School District will receive Power Snack coupons—a contribution valued at $1,792 and enough supplies to make 2,016 ham sandwiches.

In addition to Power Snack, the district has a school pantry for the community, students and their families.