PowerSnack 2022 Benefits Students at Nevada CSD

posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Eleanor with Nevada employees
“The PowerSnack program is very beneficial for our food-insecure students,” said Elizabeth Gindt, School Counselor at Nevada Community School District. “The coupons provide them with easy and healthy meals in their homes.”

Easy, healthy and versatile is the name of the game when it comes to deli ham and whole wheat bread. Not only can they be used together to create the perfect snack to provide energy and strength, but they can also be used separately in a number of delicious and nutritious recipes.

Nevada Community School District received 2,300 PowerSnack coupons today, providing $8 for a pound of deli ham and $3 for a loaf of whole wheat bread. All together, these coupons are valued at $25,300. The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation is honored to share these coupons with school districts in our Homegrown Iowa communities, and we know how important it is for young children to meet their daily protein requirements.

Unfortunately, many adolescents don’t have the opportunity to sustain their energy throughout the day because they don’t have access to a healthy and balanced meal, and our mission is to provide that access to many Iowans in need.