PowerSnack Stops at South Hamilton Community Schools

posted on Thursday, November 14, 2019


“Ham sandwiches are easy and delicious to make,” said Lindsay Gelder, a counselor at South Hamilton Community Schools in Jewell. “They’re an option that we don’t typically have in our food pantry, but are the perfect, healthy snack or meal for kids.”

For several years now, Iowa Select Farms has donated pork loins to Hector’s Cupboard, the school district’s pantry that serves students and their families in times of need. Earlier this morning, we restocked their shelves with something different—Power Snack coupons and pork sticks.

A program of Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, Power Snack aims to reduce childhood hunger by providing access to nutritious foods at school and home. Now in its seventh year, Power Snack impacts 22, 751 students statewide, 150 of which are in the South Hamilton School District.

“We started the pantry two years ago after identifying a need in our community,” explained Gelder. “It is open for students during the day and open to families on Wednesdays from 3:30 -5 p.m. Students' basic needs—food, water, and shelter—must be met for learning can occur.”

Over the course of two weeks, Iowa Select Farms employees will hand-deliver more than 90,000 Power Snack coupon booklets and 10,000 pork sticks to 125 schools and districts statewide.

“Kids love ham,” explained Jen Sorenson, Iowa Select Farms Communicators Director. “It’s easy to prepare, full of flavor and promotes growth and development. Combining the energy and carbohydrates of whole wheat bread with the protein of ham means the children will have made themselves a real Power Snack.”

Gelder says the coupons will be kept in the school’s food pantry, handed out at lunch and prior to extended holiday breaks and weekends when kids go without free and reduced meal programs at school.