Primrose Sow Farm Open House

posted on Friday, March 9, 2018

Congratulations to Aaron Perry, Tim Lamb and Jordan Kraft on taking the reins of our brand new Primrose Sow Farm. Located near Stacyville, Iowa, this new farm is a 7,500 sow, positive pressure filtration, pen gestation farm.

Today we celebrated the new farm and new team, and also the positive contribution agriculture growth makes to our rural communities. In fact, you could see it and feel it as the families of our employees, employees of local suppliers and area leaders wound their way through the farm.

Thank you to all of our farm managers, veterinarians and supervisors who helped guide tours, and to everyone who pitched in to join in the celebration. Special thanks to our friends at Green Belt Bank and Trust for serving our guests lunch--your team is absolutely amazing! We're proud to be #HomeGrownIowa