Q2 SelectPride Partner, Jerry

posted on Thursday, September 3, 2020

Congratulations to our Q2 SelectPride Partner, Jerry!

“Jerry is one of the hardest working employees I have ever met,” said one nominator. “This man works sun up to sun down making sure our animals are well-cared for and maintenance issues are resolved timely. He goes above and beyond when approached with questions and takes every concern brought to his attention to heart. You can tell that he truly cares.”

Although he’s only been a maintenance supervisor for just over a year, Jerry has worked with Iowa Select Farms in some fashion for more than 15 years. Back in 2005, he worked part-time caring for Iowa Select Farms' pigs. In fact, he can recall one Saturday after closeout his job was to tighten every nut and bolt on the farm—by hand.

"There had to have been hundreds or even thousands of them, so I think it's safe to say we've come a long way since then," laughed Jerry. "But I also like telling that story because it shows how far hard work and determination can take you."

In 2011 he joined our team as a maintenance technician and held that position until 2015. Then, he took a short year off to work on-farm again.

“I wanted to work as a grower so I could zero in on the things that were important for them,” he explained. “Doing that allowed me to be the best maintenance technician possible."

Jerry came back full-time in 2016 as a sow maintenance technician and in the spring of 2019 was promoted to western Iowa maintenance supervisor. In his role, he is responsible for ensuring all maintenance needs are taken care of and any farm-related maintenance issues are addressed.

“Every farm manager or supervisor, whether that be a sow farm, GDU or finisher, knows that they can reach out to Jerry and feels comfortable doing so. That’s just the culture he’s established,” said another nominator.

“The changes that Jerry has made since assuming the role of maintenance supervisor have had a positive ripple effect on the entire production team. He is always focused on how to best meet everyone’s needs, continuous improvement and helping everyone reach their full potential.”

As maintenance supervisor, Jerry leads a team of eight maintenance technicians and two closeout technicians. For him, it’s important to guide his team to provide the best support possible for farms so they can focus on animal care; however, if you asked his team, they’d said his focus was uplifting and encouraging them daily.

“You couldn’t ask for a better boss or friend,” said Patrick, a western Iowa maintenance technician and member of Jerry’s team. “I regularly teach fire-service classes at night and if I get a call after-hours, Jerry doesn’t hesitate to take it for me while I’m out teaching. Whenever we’re in a bind, Jerry’s there. He doesn’t complain or drag his feet ever. He goes above and beyond for his team, our growers and supervisors.”

Logan, another maintenance technician, couldn’t agree more.

“I’m proud to be on this team and man, I’m proud of Jerry,” he said. “He is a great team player, leader and does a phenomenal job leading us in the right direction. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.”

To know Jerry is to love Jerry. His positivity is contagious, and our employees have taken note.

“Jerry always bring a smile to faces of those he comes in contact with,” said a third nominator. “He goes out of his way to make life easier for his farm staff, coworkers and community. He is the definition of selfless service, always putting others before himself.”

And although Jerry is receiving this award, we’d be remiss if we didn’t credit his team—Chris, Logan, Patrick, Pat, Jared, Jake, Chase, Dustin, Cody and Charles—for the support they collectively provide and work they accomplish for all of our farms.

“I know Jerry would give as much credit to his team as he would take for himself, which is a sign of a true leader,” said Brian, director of maintenance. “I couldn’t be more excited for him and his team on this much-deserved recognition, because they all do a tremendous job.”

Brian was right—when we spoke to Jerry about his award, he said it was all thanks to his amazing team.

“I’m probably one of the luckiest supervisors to have the team I do, for sure,” said Jerry. “They are all very reliable, but one thing that really stands out about my team is that they have each other’s back no matter what. No matter the time of day, everyone’s just a phone call away and willing to help when needed. I wouldn’t be where I am today without a great team by my side.”

Congratulations to Jerry and his team on this much deserved SelectPride Partner award. We are so fortunate to have every single one of you on our team.