Q2 SelectPride Results

posted on Thursday, September 12, 2019

Congratulations to all of the employees and contractors listed below on an excellent second quarter! Over the next few weeks, we’ll share stories of the winners on social media.


Multiplication Nurseries
1st G725 Lenox—Josh Haidsiak, Cody Long
2nd G046 Priest—Josh Haidsiak, Sheila Mundy
3rd G042 Kerrigan—Audrey Whittington

Multiplication Growers
1st N117 Adamson—James Lint
2nd G811 Roger South—Brody Abell
3rd G810 Roger North—Brody Abell (tie)
3rd G542 Three Fires—Carl Owens (tie)
3rd G004 Cooper 2—Randy Abell (tie)
4th G537 Lorimor—Alvan Snyder
5th G008 Cooper 1—Randy Abell (tie)
5th G037 Howard—Travis Hartman (tie)

Gilt Developers
1st G016 Stalker 2—Chad Bolinger
2nd G125 Jensen—Roy Alden
3rd G110 Glenview—Jesse Cole
4th G686 Colfax—Nicholas Rothmeier
5th G544 Brooks—Virgil Bolinger
6th G019 Davis 2—Raul Romero
7th G541 Gravity—Danny Lamb
8th G733 Saratoga—Craig Whalen
9th G043 Lucas County—Doug Gooding
10th G948 Hunt—James Chaplin

1st Mark Hendricks
2nd Dan Roth
3rd Trenton Myers
4th Rodney Winker
5th Shannon Loyd
6th Garrick Newkick
7th Chawn McGrath
8th Mike Lindaman
9th Dave Ruggles
10th Jason Paysen

1st Cadillac Sow Farm, Sow 1—Rick Chamberlin
2nd Jamestown Sow Farm, Sow 33—Kaci Pohlman
3rd Rout Sow Farm, Sow 2—Bert Weide
4th Last Chance Sow Farm, Sow 32—Doug Bates
5th Popcorn Sow Farm, Sow 30—Rhonda Root
6th Thorsen Sow Farm, Sow 24—Caleb Lidtke
7th Elmand Sow Farm, Sow 35—Dustin Peck
8th Sow 112—Tomas Hernandez
9th Primrose Sow Farm, Sow 37—Aaron Perry
10th Fonken Sow Farm, Sow 26—John Hoffman

Most Improved Sow Farm
Stockdale Sow Farm, Sow 11—Lance Lawrence

Keep watching and reading as we honor these top farms and individuals.