Raece Celebrates 15 Years at Iowa Select Farms

posted on Monday, May 17, 2021

Raece 15 Years
“After growing up around livestock, I just knew I wanted to continue working with animals,” said Raece, a caretaker at Ringgold Sow Farm in southern Iowa. Raece has done just that and is celebrating 15 years of working at Iowa Select Farms!

Raece first started his career working at Ochylski Sow Farm in December of 2005. He worked at that farm for seven years before making a jump over to Nickle, a nearby multiplication nursey, where he stayed for another seven years, before landing at Ringgold.

When moving back to a sow farm after working in a nursery, Raece said he has a better appreciation for sow farms. “I understand so much more what nurseries are looking for in pigs, so I can help make the process smoother by noticing those details at the sow farm level.”

Sarah, farrowing department head at Sow 28, was happy to have Raece join her team, especially with his previous experience at Ochylski. “He’s dependable, hardworking, and gets along with everyone. He brings a positive attitude to the team.”

Raece enjoys working on the farrowing team because he likes working with both piglets and sows. He also loves that he gets to work with an outstanding group of people each day, including his manager Mikey, who he worked with previously at Ochylski as well.

In his hometown of Mount Ayr, Raece can be found playing with his dog outside, going on walks, or packing for his next adventure, where he is on a mission to travel to all 50 states — 35 of which he’s already been to.

Congratulations on 15 years of working for Iowa Select Farms, Raece. We are lucky to have you on board!