Randy Celebrates 25 Years With Iowa Select Farms

posted on Friday, May 14, 2021

“I have the best job in the whole world,” said Randy, who is celebrating silver anniversary of working at Iowa Select Farms. “This is a great company and I truly enjoy going to work every day.”

Congratulations to Randy on his 25 years — and counting — working for Iowa Select Farms! Randy is a caretaker at Hines, an Iowa Select Farms finisher unit in Hamilton County.

Having worked at every type of farm except a boar stud, Randy brings extensive experience and knowledge to his job. Starting at Kielsmeier Sow Farm (Sow 12) back in 1996, he reflects fondly on his time working at that farm, “We were like family. Many of us have stayed working for Iowa Select Farms. That early experience and the friendships made are large part of why I’ve enjoyed working here."

While Randy does love Sow 12 and his memories working there, he admits that working at a gilt development unit (GDU) is his favorite. Randy says that he enjoys working with larger pigs because he knows they are the future animals of our farms.

But it’s not just the type of farm that feels right to Randy, it’s the people. “The people are what make the job fulfilling,” said Randy. Looking back over the years, “we’ve grown into adults, started families, and watched our kids grow up. My co-workers became my friends and family.”

When Randy is not on the farm, you can find him in his hometown of McCallsburg enjoying his gardens or supporting the high school football team. As for the future, Randy says he still has at least a few years left in him. “I am going to keep working here as long as I can. There’s no place I would rather be.”

We hope you stick around a long time, Randy. Thanks for the 25 years and here’s to many more!