Renae Receives Well Deserved Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Monday, March 21, 2022

Renae"Our in-home day cares are a vital part of our communities, but our day care providers are really everything to us,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. They are indeed extensions of our families, spending many hours guiding, teaching and mentoring our little ones.”

Renae was nominated by several employees of Iowa Select Farms along with many others in the community that support the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. She has had such a positive impact on kids, families and so many others in the community.

We wanted to share the impact Renae has had on the community from those who nominated her for a Little Farmer Toy Box:

“Every child that walks through Renae’s door, she treats them as if they are really one of her own,” said Jaime, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “She teaches the children she cares for life skills, puts a special emphasis on learning and provides real-life experiences. My son is now in school, but Renae continues to play an active role in his life, which just shows how much the kids she has cared for mean to her. We could never thank her enough for her love, support, and care for our son, our family and the whole community.”

“With Renae as our provider, we never had to worry about our son during the workweek,” said Doug, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “We not only knew how well he was being taken care of but also spent a lot of time learning academically as well as those all-important life skills. She was flexible, understanding and just always went an extra step to help her day care families. When you are able to have a provider that truly loves what she does, loves who she cares for and understands the importance of day care to working parents, that is really all you could ever ask for in a day care provider.”

“I was blessed for many years to have my family watch my kids while I worked, but things changed suddenly so I needed to find a day care provider, said Kinsey, a supporter of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “Through a friend, I was connected with Renae and thankfully she had spots open for my boys. Some would think it’s a hard transition to go from having your family watch your kids to a day care provider, but with someone like Renae, that transition was easy. She opened her home and her heart and has become a very important part of my boy’s lives. I don’t know what I would do without her and I just hope she knows how much we appreciate her in our community.”

Renae was so excited to dive into with her day care kiddos when we delivered the Little Farmer Toy Box to her home. Learning is such a vital part of her day care, she was thrilled at what learning activities they would have together because of the donation.

"I feel very blessed to have received this donation from the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation," said Renae. "I am proud to say that I love my job and hope to make an impact in every child’s life. When children come to my home I want to provide a safe, loving, fun and educational experience for them and this donation will add to those experiences for the kids."