Riceville Community Center

posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Walking through the (new) double doors located at the back of the Riceville Community Center, twinkle lights hanging from restored open beams greet guests. What used to be a John Deere store now is home to an event space rented about 35 times a year.

A lot of volunteer work went into making the community center the place it is today. Hauling out old cement, cleaning the ceiling beams with a power washer and more. But the back doors of the building have been a problem in the last few years. Those who used the space were encouraged not to leave any of their belongings there unattended, especially wedding gifts.

“The doors didn’t even fully lock,” Steve Christensen, a Riceville Community Board member says. “When they are ‘locked’ you can shake them enough that they will open.” The new doors were installed at the end of July.

Iowa Select Farms is proud to give a $3,500 Community Care Grant toward the purchasing and installation of the new steel doors.

“The grant money was put to good use and we, the community, really appreciate,” Christensen says.