Riceville K-12 School library

posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017

Thirty-six new books on sports have been added to the Riceville K-12 school library thanks to a $600 grant from Iowa Select Farms. “Our students were requesting books on sports and our collection on up-to-date books on sports teams, how to play certain sports, and biographies of athletes was completely lacking,” says Thomasine Conger, Riceville K-12 school librarian.

“We want to get children interested in reading, and by having new and popular subjects we hope more children ...will want to read,” Conger says. The new books ranged from lower elementary all the way to high school reading levels and include a wide variety of sports.

“Many sport books, especially ones about star athletes, are good for two or three years but then the star athletes change and you are stuck with books children don’t want to read.” Conger explains. With little to no budget for new books, the Riceville K-12 school library could not afford to buy books that would go out of “style” so quickly such as athlete biographies.

“It’s hard when you have a small budget to purchase all of the books the children of all ages want to read.” Conger says.
Conger placed all the new books on display so children of all ages could get a chance to look at the new books. She even read a few of the books to younger classes visiting the library. “Children marveled over the new books and could not wait to take them home,” Conger says.

The thirty-six new books purchased will not only help get the children excited about reading but will help with the Riceville Community School District’s commitment to developing lifelong learners and responsible citizens through reading and reading comprehension. #communitycare #billionplus