Riverview Early Childhood Center in Webster City Receives Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Thursday, March 3, 2022

We spent the afternoon of the fourth day of deliveries at Riverview Early Childhood Center in Webster City. Riverview Early Childhood Center is a beautiful center that has about 50 children in its care. As we opened toys, Rosie shared the impact of the gesture.

“As a nonprofit organization, most of our funds go into paying bills and buying essentials,” said Rosie. “We don't often purchase new toys, so to unexpectedly receive new ones is really special."
Taylor, an employee of Iowa Select Farms, nominated Riverview Early Childhood center because of the deep and unconditional care they have for their children.

“They put so much effort into education and early learning,” said Taylor. “It’s beyond a safe and trustworthy environment, it’s about setting our kids up for a true lifetime of success.”

“The children loved all the toys, and they were engaged in play for a long period after the delivery,” said Rosie. “They can build cognitive and social skills while learning about farming and agriculture, which is so important in our community. To see the excitement and happiness on the children's faces was so heartwarming.”

“Education is a valuable part of day care, so we made it a valuable part of the Little Farmer Toy Box,” said Ali, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “Every toy, puzzle, book, and so much more of the toy box not only shares our love of farming but was picked to help create and foster learning environments that are a pivotal part of our day cares in Iowa.”

Girl plays with animal toys

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