Ron Retires After 26 Years of Service

posted on Monday, January 11, 2021

Congratulations to Ron for celebrating his retirement after 26 years with Iowa Select Farms!

Ron's first job with Iowa Select Farms was at one of the company's first sow farms, Stumme Sow 3, and then at Iowa Select Farms' first-ever replacement gilt farm. After 18 months, the farm turned into a commercial finisher and Ron worked there for 8 ½ years.

In 2004, he transitioned to the nursery side of things and in the following years spent time at Nursery 21, 19, 4 and 18. Working in the nurseries were a lot of fun for him, but required a lot of work that always kept Ron on his toes.

After 4 years in nurseries, Ron took over Hagge Finisher, a light farm that received pigs every 6 weeks. He worked at Hagge for 13 priors prior to finishing out his career with Iowa Select Farms as an assistant finishing supervisor.

"Ron was hands down the best example I've ever seen of an employee taking ownership of a site," said Tim, Senior Finishing Supervisor. "He cared deeply about the success of Hagge and even went so far as to adding a semi sleeper in the office so he could sleep overnight during loadouts. He was very committed and had tremendous ownership."

At Hagge and as an asst. finishing supervisor, Ron was responsible for choring, sorting, previewing for markets, marketing hogs, delivering supplies, among a variety of other tasks. The daily challenge of his job, no matter the farm he was at, was something that Ron loved.

"Ron was always full of enthusiasm and willing to do the job laid before him, even if it was something out of the norm," echoed Tom, another Senior Finishing Supervisor. "He was a team player that never said no."

As he embarks on retired life, Ron is looking forward to a life full of relaxation, fishing and family time. His stepson, Keith, and family live in Iowa Falls and Ron's daughter, Sarah, lives in Oregon. He and his wife, Carol, plan on making several road trips out west. Ron and his brother even hope to drive highway 20 all the way to Newport Beach, Oregon, once travel is recommended again.

Spending time with his family has always been a main priority for Ron.

"It's something that I've loved about working at Iowa Select-the family aspect," he said. "Whether it was Adventureland or the State Fair, those are some really great memories together that my family has. The company has taken great care of us."

Although he's looking forward to more family time, Ron is going to miss the friends he's made at work.

"I'll really miss the people," he said. "Although the company has grown a lot in the last 26 years, many of the originals still work here, which is a testament to the company. I've made a lot of friends and will miss working with them."

Congratulations, Ron! We appreciate all that you've done for Iowa Select Farms in the past quarter decade and wish you all the best in your retirement.