Rout Sow 2 Places First in Overall 2019 Select Pride Rankings

posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What a year it's been for the crew at Rout Sow 2. In addition to placing first in overall 2019 SelectPride rankings, the farm team placed first in quarter three, second in quarter four, third in quarter two and second in quarter one.

“I think one of the reasons this farm has seen continued success is because they’re truly committed to reaching their goals,” said Chris Nydegger, the farm's supervisor. “An example is how much time and effort they take training employees. Rather than a few days, they spend months developing new hires until they’re fully comfortable with their job. That’s just the culture they’ve established.”

Congrats to the entire farm team on winning SelectPride in 2019⁠—what an accomplishment!

Manager: Roberta Weide

Farrowing Department Head: Becky Schwab

Assistant Farrowing Department Head: Sarah Schlacter

Breeding Department Head: Jane Story

Assistant Breeding Department Head: Hunter Carmichael

Newborn Pig Specialists: Heather Day, Ashley Murra

Breed Lead: Jeff Cormaney

Animal Caretakers: Keara Day, Vironica Mitchell, Chris Schwenneker, Gabe Story, Courtlandt and George Van Arsdale