Sammons Claims First Place Spot...Again!

posted on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Congratulations to Josh Haidsiak and Daniel Page of Sammons G726 for winning Q4 SelectPride.


“Josh and Daniel do a really good job of caring for the individual pig,” said Tysen Abell, Multiplication Supervisor. “It’s one of the things that they’ve really strived for this year—finding the right place for the right pig. From sorting animals to treatments, everything they do at their farm is very consistent.” 

Josh and Daniel have become no stranger to SelectPride rankings, in fact, this is Josh’ sixth first-place appearance. According to the duo, it’s all about showing up and doing the same things, the same way, every day. Success also comes from working well together as a team.


“Alone, nothing is really achievable,” said Josh. “Sure, you might accomplish something, but it’s much harder work. When you have a support team you can lean on or bounce ideas off of, the entire team wins.”

Daniel says that Josh is easy-going and tidy—things that he appreciates as a self-proclaimed “neat freak” himself. They both share similar goals for farm and animal care and it shows. Their farm is tidy, well-kept and production numbers are strong.

“The goal for our farm is to do the best we can,” he said. “We try to stay within the top 5 rankings of multiplication every quarter, do the best we can every day and treat the pigs like they were our own.”


"Josh has taught us to do the right thing for our animals every day,” Daniel continued. “Just because someone isn’t watching doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to give it your all. I think that’s why we do so well, because we’re all working towards the same high standards.”

When it comes to Daniel as an employee, Josh says he’s one of the best around.

“What makes Daniel a good employee is that he has pride in what he does,” Josh explained. “He works hard and does everything correctly. You never have to second guess anything that Daniel does. To find that in an employee is an immense bonus.”

Congratulations to Josh and Daniel on their Q4 success!