Scholarship Furthers Passion for Agriculture

posted on Friday, April 29, 2022

“With my dad working at Iowa Select Farms for over 25 years, it has always been a very large part of my life,” said Eli Hoversten, one of 24 recipients of a Future Ag Leader Scholarship in 2021. “Watching his dedication to his job every day has taught me what a good work ethic looks like. This learned work ethic has had a huge rule in getting me where I am today.”

Eli has used that work ethic inspired by his father, Clint Hoversten, director of inner sanctum transportation at Iowa Select Farms, to pursue a degree in agricultural business at Iowa State University. Receiving the Future Ag Leaders Scholarship made it possible for him to purchase the laptop he uses everyday for his classes and helped cover tuition to reduce the amount of his student loans.

“This scholarship has been a huge financial relief,” said Eli. “It took away a lot of the stress that comes with paying for school, helping me narrow my focus on my studies.”

It’s clear Eli has a passion for the agriculture industry that has been inspired by his family.

“Growing up, having a parent working in agriculture has shown me all the advantages of the field. These advantages had a huge impact on making my decision to major in agriculture,” he said.

His interest and appreciation for agriculture can also be traced back to Iowa Select Farms.

“Going to school in Hardin County, it was very easy to see the impact of Iowa Select Farms on the people,” he said. “Without Iowa Select many of my peers’ parents would not have a beneficial and stable career. Along with jobs, Iowa Select also does a great job in giving back to the community. They are always giving away pork to the families who need it most.”

eli poses for a headshot