SelectPride Partner for Q2 is Ashley Bailey!

posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Congratulations to Ashley Bailey for being selected as the SelectPride Partner for Q2!

When it comes to animal care, there are many instrumental people and support departments involved “behind the scenes”. Ashley runs Iowa Select Farms’ internal diagnostic laboratory in Iowa Falls. Her timely, accurate results play a vital role in the health of our animals and production flow. On any given week, Ashley processes 500+ samples ranging from PED and PRRS to Delta Corona and TGE. She also compiles and readies many samples for the Iowa State University lab.

Ashley Q2

“Even if we don’t always like the outcome, we never doubt Ashley’s work,” said Shamus Brown, DVM and director of multiplication for Iowa Select Farms. “She always delivers consistent results that allow us to make important movement decisions that affect animal health.”

Ashley has worked in the lab for the past six years; however, her career with Iowa Select Farms started ten years ago as an animal caretaker at Sow 115. She joined the health services team in 2012.

“I immediately loved everything about working in the lab,” recalled Ashely, who also had prior experience working in the Iowa State University diagnostic laboratory. “I’m a sucker for routine and schedules, which this job provides. I remember being eager to learn any and all procedures so that I could do the best job possible. It’s nice to still feel connected to the farms although I don’t directly work with the animals anymore.”

Ashley Q2

In her role, Ashley works closely with the health services team comprised of six veterinarians. As Iowa Select Farms’ production system has expanded, so has Ashley’s workload.

“Not only has the number of samples that Ashley processes increased dramatically, but we’ve also installed new equipment and started processing and testing new sample types that required her to adapt quickly,” said Pete Thomas, DVM and director of health services. “It’s a lot of work for one person to do, but she’s remained consistent and reliable which our team really appreciates.”

Accomplishing as many routine tasks as Ashley does requires organization and time management—two things that she has really focused on mastering.

“I know at each hour of the day where I should be at in the testing process,” she explained. “While that can be stressful if I’m behind, it also offers a lot of flexibility depending on how many samples come in. I love that every day presents a new set of challenges.”

One of the challenges Ashley is faced with is processing samples that come in late in the day, which often means sacrificing time with her son, boyfriend and the animals they have on their acreage outside of Iowa Falls.

“I know that our farms, health services team, and production support departments also work long days. I don’t mind staying late because it means that things will keep moving the next day,” she said. “Animal care doesn’t ever stop. It’s a 365-day job and I take my role very seriously. Just like everyone else in our company, I am constantly learning and growing to be the best I can possibly be.”

Ashley Q2

Congratulations on your SelectPride Partner award, Ashley. We appreciate your optimism at work and everything that you do daily to keep our animals healthy and system running.