SelectPride Winners of quarter one

posted on Saturday, July 7, 2018

We’ve been talking a lot about pigs, farming, giving back and what all of this means to making Iowa stronger. Always through the eyes of an employee, a contractor, a manure pumper, a business we work with, or most recently, a volunteer food pantry coordinator.

It should be no surprise how much we value our people, because they are what make Iowa Select Farms. The people and teams who care so deeply about the work we all find to be both noble and meaningful. In short, we care for the pigs that feel a hungry world, and work hard to keep getting better.

To get better we have to train hard, stay focused and grind through the hard days. We hit breed targets, care for new litters, save pigs and see it all the way through to marketing and transport.

We also have to capture records, measure, and then make plans on how to improve. It takes nearly 1,500 people who live in hundreds of tiny tiny towns throughout Iowa who help farrow 16,000 pigs, transport 40,000 animals and care for 2.5 million pigs—every day.

As important as measuring and celebrating! SelectPride is a competition amongst the various production groups within the business—breeding and farrowing, growing pig production (supervisors), multiplication grow out managers and our gilt developers.

Within these areas are various key data measures used to operate the farms. They keep track of all of our animals, along with their daily health, care and productivity measurements. Millions of pieces of data are piping in and out of the farms every day, all helping us measure and get better.

These numbers are also used to benchmark the individual farms and supervisors to one another. SelectPride means a tremendous amount to all involved and embodies the Iowa Select Farms culture—we work hard to get better by doing things the right way.

Here are the most recent (quarter one) SelectPride winners. Congratulations to everyone who works on and supports these farms.