“She always goes above and beyond for all of us”

posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

“She always goes above and beyond for all of us,” said Aaron Perry, manager of Sow 27 near Riceville, a farm that is supported by the Iowa Select Farms warehouse in Osage. “She organizes meetings for us, sets up social events and puts a lot of work into getting things like pork loins and Christmas packages out to the farms, making sure every employee on her roster gets their gifts.”

Aaron is talking about Cindy Ziegler—the warehouse manager of the regional warehouse in Osage, Iowa—who been with Iowa Select Farms for 18 years. The warehouse serves the sow, nursery, finishing and gilt development farms throughout the Howard and Mitchell county area and supplies the maintenance and construction teams who support those same farms.

Like all warehouse locations in the Iowa Select Farms system, Cindy stays busy fulfilling order tickets submitted by the farm managers, maintenance technicians and supervisors. On average, Cindy fulfills over 280 orders a month—pulling, organizing and packaging over 9,000 items to be picked up or delivered out to the farms.

“Pretty much anything a farm needs, she has ready for us,” said Perry, who puts in orders for coveralls, boots, medicine, cleaners, tools, equipment parts and hundreds of other items a farm needs to operate. “She’s even ready for visitors, especially when I have my daughter, Kylee, with me. She has a candy dish on her desk everyone tends to gravitate to.”

“She cares tremendously about the people she works with, which is why she keeps her warehouse so meticulous and organized,” said Tom Boge, finishing supervisor. “There is so much of herself she puts into her job, and it’s one of the many things we all appreciate about Cindy—how accountable she is and how accountable she keeps us!”

“We all just have a great amount of respect for each other,” said Cindy regarding the co-workers and suppliers she works with on a daily basis. “If I can make their jobs a little easier and their day a little bit more efficient, it can help out our overall production and our billionplus journey.”

“Cindy makes sure she has everything we need on hand, and even foresees what we may need in an emergency,” said Craig Whalen, GDU supervisor for the Howard and Mitchell county area. “I can’t say enough about how much she helps my farm managers, especially as we are outside of normal operations with the breeding projects we have going on.”

And through all of the daily orders and special requests coming in over the past few months, not many people even noticed any supply or service interruption when Cindy transitioned the warehouse from the previous location outside of St. Ansgar to the current location in Osage. “She did a tremendous job moving and getting her new warehouse set up to be efficient, user-friendly,” said Julie Mulford, Warehouse Supervisor.

“Cindy is one of the most organized and hardest working people I have had the pleasure of working with,” continued Julie. “I know that if I need help with a project she will be the first one to say, ‘how can I help?’” and she takes on every project with enthusiasm and positivity.”

“And she has eyes in the back of her head,” laughs Aaron. “When it comes to inventory, if you take something from the warehouse without writing it down she’ll find you and make sure you remember for next time.”

Mike Wachlin, a maintenance technician for the area agrees. “She runs a tight ship, and lets you know when you forget to sign even the littlest part out. It’s been fun getting to know Cindy—we all know she loves her Ford trucks and Oliver tractors!”

“We are all accountable for our work areas, and Cindy is awesome about being organized and keeping track of every single piece of inventory,” said finishing supervisor Tom Boge. “Being short a critical part or having to wait a week for supplies can hold back production and she knows that’s the best way to help us, help the company and help the billion plus journey.”

“I have always been grateful for the good people I get to work with, and so proud to work for a company that does so much for our communities,” said Cindy. “The food pantries donations, the things they do for their employees and contractors, it’s pretty cool.”

“Something that always amazes me about Cindy is with her life outside of work, and how she always makes time to help people out, said Mike. “She volunteers for community projects and benefits, mows cemeteries and is involved in fundraisers for Lyle Area Cancer; it’s amazing how much she gives back to everyone in her life.” #billionplus