Shell Rock Food Pantry

posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016

At the Shell Rock Food Pantry, big hearts and an understanding for the need in their surrounding communities drives this operation where coordinator Helen and volunteer Rose help feed 50 to 70 families a month. And they aren’t just feeding Shell Rock… they also help supply food to families in Parkersburg, Dumont, Allison and Clarksville as well. Each family is able to come in once a month to stock up on food they need.

“We’re very unique in that we are one of the few mobile food banks. We will take food to families or individuals who need it in surrounding communities who may not have a way to get to the pantry or cannot make the hours we’re open,” said pantry volunteer Rose.

The communities rally together to help support this wonderful operation that impacts so many families’ lives with local churches in the area providing food donations and monetary donations. They sometimes even get frozen meat donations.

“We don’t receive many fresh meat donations at the pantry so we really appreciate these pork loins and we know our families will too,” said Rose.

We applaud Rose and Helen and the communities surrounding Shell Rock for their generosity and commitment to providing nutritious and wholesome food for families in need.