Shout Out to Sow 8!

posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Sow 8 Team 1
Shoutout to the hard-working guys and gals at Sow 8!
The farm broke with PRRS week 46 and while they've still got a long road ahead, they've been doing a great job with cleanup, according to the farm's supervisor, Chris. "When I went into the farm earlier today, things looked good," he said. "They are rebuilding from a devastating PRRS break and doing great so far."
At the helm of the farm is manager Tom, who has worked at Iowa Select Farms for 24 years and experienced (he thinks!) around 8 PRRS breaks throughout his career. "These breaks can be really tough on an individual, both physically and emotionally," he said. "But morale is really high at the farm. I am so proud of how well everyone works together and gets along. We've got a really good team."
In addition to Tom are breeding department head, Robert, farrowing department head, Cindy, assistant breeding department head, Miguel, breeding leads, Jose, Lorena, Dalia and Melisa, AI Specialist, Rudy, newborn pig specialists, Javier and Jenny, and animal caretaker, Jessica.
Keep up the great work, Sow 8. You've got this!
Sow 8 Team