Slater Public Library Plans STEM Saturdays with New Henry's Heroes Donation

posted on Monday, April 10, 2023

Kids and teachers at Slater Library with STEM cart.
"We are so grateful that the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation thought of small town libraries for this year's project," said Slater Public Library Director, Jennifer Gogerty. "As librarians, we see the impact of libraries every day, but when it comes to donations like this, we often get overlooked. Being recognized by someone else as an important part of the community is a big part of what makes this so meaningful to us."

Today, we delivered the first of many STEM carts the Foundation will donate to libraries across the state. We were welcomed by the staff at the Slater Public Library with open arms - they had a special children's book display featuring pig books and even invited a group of library kiddos to test out our STEM toys. It's safe to say everyone had a great time.

"Because of this donation, we will be starting a new program called STEM Saturdays where kids and their families will have a designated time to learn about STEM every weekend," said Jennifer. "This cart is going to make a big difference for our kids and our library."

KIds playing with STEM toys