Southeast Webster Day Care Educates with Toy Box Donation

posted on Thursday, March 3, 2022

“Where we live, everyone works; that is what it is like when you live in a community where farming is the main source of income,” said Gabe, a contractor of Iowa Select Farms. “Southeast Webster Day Care is essential to us. If you don’t have a safe and fun place for your kids, then it directly affects the economic sustainability of families and the community, so we are really thankful they are here.”

Gabe Heun nominated the day care that his little one attends during the week. As we opened toys, we talked with the providers and educators about just how important learning is at that age.

“We have 65 kiddos ranging from 6 weeks to 11 years, many of whom come from farming families,” said Sara, a day care provider at Southeast Webster Day Care. "I know the kids are excited about all the new toys, books, and puzzles. However, it is so much more for us as educators and providers. Farming toys, books and activities connect them with the work their moms, dads, and many grandparents do every day. We love to teach, and this is just another tool for us. We cannot thank Iowa Select Farms enough for thinking of us."

The kids loved every aspect of the Little Farmer Toy Box, but you can already tell they knew just about every toy in the box and its importance to farming.

“When you hand a little boy a toy John Deere tractor, and he says “my grandpa has one of those,” it shows just how important farm toys are to kids who live in communities where farming exists and is so vital to the community,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “It’s just so heartwarming to know toys like this will have a lasting impact as they grow and someday take over their family farm.”

Group poses with toybox