Sow 114 Earns Most Improved for Q4

posted on Friday, April 9, 2021


Let’s give a big shout out to Sow 114 for earning the Most Improved Sow Farm recognition for Q4 2020.

Andres, the sow farm manager, says everyone on his team has been working hard to motivate each other, starting with their daily, early-morning meeting where they talk about how they are going to provide the best animal care they can.

“When someone displays an attitude and work ethic like this team has, you can’t help but be proud of them,” said Cassandra, the director of production well-being and staff veterinarian.

Their amazing attitude, dedication and teamwork approve is what paved the way for their improvements. Their supervisor, Gus, says they believe strongly in a cohesive work atmosphere. “The team has a great attitude and steps up to challenges.

Gus says he’s proud of Andres and the farms leadership, in particular. “They are warriors who never give up and motivate their team by example and daily direction.

He’s referring to Andres, Misael and Cruz, the manager, farrowing department head and breeding department head, respectively.

“The three of them work together with a single goal which ultimately is to wean healthy piglets,” said Gus.

But any farm team will tell you there are a thousand things that go into achieving a weaned pig goal—dedication and commitment to execution of all of the details that need to happen in breeding, farrowing and overall organization at the farm.

That hard and work and dedication has led to significant jumps in several areas. The farm’s farrow rate increased, 15.3% increase to 84.7% for the quarter. For pigs weaned per sow, they increased from a 10.1 to 11.8 for 1.7 pig increase on weans. Both of these drove the farm’s total born conversion rate up by 9.6% landing them at a 76.1% total born conversion for quarter four. Another area of significant increased production was total born—they saw close to half a pig increase to 15.5.

Gus says Andres and his team have a dynamic, family-oriented workspace where they are welcoming and inclusive of everyone.
And, Andres is always wearing a smile. Andres full team consists of Cruz, Misael, Leonel, Leonardo, Edgar, Sergio, Zuleyka, Maricruz, Williams, Marco, Marina, Ismael, Selene, Noe, David and Amalio.

The Sow 114 farm is also unique in that the location serves as a training and on-boarding farm for new employees. They play a crucial role in the success of the orientation program and new employees who are being welcomed into the company.

The future is bright for Sow 114—congrats for being the Most Improved Sow Farm in Q4 of 2020!