Sow 118 Grabs First Place for Q4 SelectPride

posted on Thursday, June 3, 2021

Sow 118
Congratulations is in order for the team at Sow 118 for finishing 2020 in first place for Q4 SelectPride Sow Farm!

“Everyone works together here and gets things done as a team,” said Sow 118 Manager Adam.

Vina, Tony, Ryan, Joshua, Brandon and Adam bring 40 years of experience in animal care and husbandry knowledge to this farm. Adam attributes much of their success to the quality of employees he works with. Knowing exactly what the expectations are, Adam knows he can count on his team to get their jobs done the correct way.

Work ethic is not the only thing that makes this farm successful though. Joshua adds, “We work well together because we can all say we are both friends and co-workers.”

“The unique part about this farm is that five of the six employees are crossed trained, which makes them incredibly efficient,” said Don, the farm’s supervisor. “This allows them to have a better understanding of the moving parts of their farm and how it affects daily operations.”

Sow 118 says that they do well because they focus of the little things. Paying attention to details, like the health of sows and newborn piglet care, is important to this group. Heightened awareness around these details has led to high production numbers.

“Sow 118 has had a tremendous year,” said Don. “They have built a consistent model of excellence throughout the year. In breeding, they produced an 89.4% farrow rate and a 15.49 total born. Under the direction of Joshua in farrowing, his team had a wean average of 12.29 and a total born conversion of 79.34%. Excellent numbers across the board!”

Their breakroom walls are filled with awards going back years, which is a testament to their consistent performance. The Sow 118 team looks forward to keeping the great momentum going.

“Sow 118 will once again be vying for the top spot under Adam’s leadership. I am excited to see where this team goes in 2021,” said Don.

Congratulations to this Sow 118 team for finishing strong in 2020. We can’t wait to see you rock 2021!