Stalker 2 was the Top Gilt Developer for SelectPride in Q2

posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2019


“Chad and Dave are both two guys that know a lot of about hogs,” said Randy Hosfield, GDU Supervisor for Iowa Select Farms. Randy said the two make a great pair, which is why Stalker 2 was the top gilt developer for SelectPride in Q2. In fact, most quarters you can consistently find the farm in the top ten list.

Chad Bolinger has been with Iowa Select Farms for 20 years and is the manager for Stalker 2, Dave Stringham is a caretaker at the farm and just celebrated his team year anniversary. Bred gilts from their farm flow into Sow 16.

“They both think on the same level, some may say they are old school but in a good way,” explains Randy. “They can see which animals the right ones are to breed, they know every detail of the farm and remember performance numbers and records from years ago. They have a lot of knowledge on what the pigs need.”

Randy laughs when he adds that they also manage to put up with each other all day, even when they don’t agree. And nobody cares more about Dave then Chad does, remembering the time Chad drove to Dave’s house worried when he didn’t show up for work. “He can have a tough exterior but has the biggest heart.”

Randy says Chad is competitive and both put forth a combined effort to drive the farm’s results forward. Chad says his approach is simple. “Show up and do you job, always work hard and care about the farm like you own it.” There is a lot more to it, but Chad’s not willing to share. He’s too competitive!