Starting Power Snack Day 3 in Greene County

posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Here we go—Day 3 of Power Snack!

“Power Snack coupons take a huge weight off of families to know they can get a stable meal to have on hand with bread and lunch meat,” said Emily Gannon, At-Risk Coordinator for Greene County Community School District. “Our pantry items may not always be something kids like, but they will still have a ham sandwich option. We appreciate having these available in all three of our school buildings!”

Eleanor in a school

With 1 in 8 Iowa children facing food insecurity, Iowa Select Farms, under the leadership of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, are driving the change to help end childhood hunger.

By delivering Power Snacks to districts, such as Greene County Community Schools, children in need are able to make nutritious and filling meals at home.

Just now, we were able to supply this district with 2,100 Power Snack coupon booklets, a contribution valued at $16,800 to this community.

Bags in front of a school

This is just the first of 10 stops today... check back to see where we're headed next!