Stockdale Overcomes Challenges to Earn Most Improved Sow Farm

posted on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Stockdale Team
“I have all the confidence that my team has what it takes to continue getting better,” said Lance, manager of Stockdale sow farm just north of Iowa Falls. “This team has endured challenging moments together but kept a good mentality and overcame a tough battle.”

Congratulations to Lance and the team on recently receiving a SelectPride most improved sow farm award.

After a long and tumultuous battle with PRRS, this award is well-deserved. When Stockdale first broke with 1-4-4 PRRS well over a year ago--following several other PRRS breaks--Lance said this time it was their mindset that would ultimately get them through.

“Our farm’s supervisor, Mark, and I sought out the ways we would power through this health challenge,” said Lance. “We kept an attitude that we would overcome this together, which helped the whole team out as well.”

The second thing? Filling out their staff with seasoned leadership paired with talented TN-visa employees. Together, they all made contributions that not only helped them overcome the setback but drove their production results up enough to be eligible for the most improved award.

“I’m very proud of my team for coming together and getting us right back to where we are capable of ranking in production results,” said Lance. “The farm does well, having had a 12.3 wean average during Q4, compared to Iowa Select Farms’ wean average of 11.5 at the time. “We set a standard for ourselves to do over very best, and this was good reassurance that we can do it.”