Stopping in Jewell to Donate a Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Thursday, March 3, 2022

“We set out on a mission to give back to day cares in our homegrown Iowa communities to say thank you, but this mission has become so much more,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “We are sharing stories of just how impactful day cares are to the generations in rural Iowa. Kids who will grow up to also live here, take over family farms and help rural Iowa thrive. What a fun way to bring things full circle by not only donating agriculture-inspired toys but sharing the heartfelt stories of the importance of our day care providers.”

We had a wonderful time visiting with Kim, a day care provider in the small town of Jewell. As we opened toys for the kiddos, we chatted about her many decades in child care. You know just how special the kids are to her when she hangs up newspaper clippings of honor rolls, school achievements, sports stories and just about anything else that has to do with the kids who have come into her life.

“Getting a hug or a text from a child I once cared for brings what I do full circle,” said Kim. “They were my babies; even when they are not babies anymore, I still think of them as mine. I see them grow up and become these wonderful people, and I love knowing I played a small part in that. It’s not easy seeing them grow up so fast, but it’s what kids do, and I just hope they know my home is always their home.”

Elzette, along with her two kids, helped deliver a Little Farmer Toy Box to Kim. As we walked into her little home, both of Elzette’s kids gave her a big hug and started talking about school, honor roll and events coming up. It’s obvious the impact Kim has had on them, and still does to this day.
“I knew my kids were in good hands with Kim, and I was at ease so I would be able to work knowing my kids were safe,” said Elzette. “She did far more than she had to for the kids. She would cook amazing meals, make beautiful crafts and go for walks around town. Kids were always so happy with her, and Kim is still a large part of their lives. I know I could never say thank you enough, but a donation like this goes a really long way for her, and she more than deserves it.”

volunteers hold toy boxes by an Iowa Select Farms truck