Storm Lake Middle School Food Pantry

posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019

“It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or snowing outside,” said Diana Cardenas, coordinator of the Storm Lake School Food Pantry. “No matter the weather, we make sure to have food boxes ready. There are families relying on us in this community.”

Storm Lake Middle School Pantry

When it came to starting a food pantry at the school in Storm Lake three years ago, the superintendent at the time knew Diana would be the perfect fit. “I work in the office, help with registration, counselors, teachers and families,” explained Diana. “I know our students and their struggles. If I notice a child is hungry or having issues with food at home, I try to help them.”

On the third Thursday of every month, Diana works with other teachers to assemble food boxes for 70 local kids and their families. “Not all families come every month,” she said. “Some will just come two or three times a year, mostly during the summers which can be really hard on a family.”

New truck!

From fresh produce and milk to bread, nonperishables and meat, the boxes weigh 20-30 pounds and have a variety of food products in them.

This year, Haul Out Hunger added six new school-based food pantries to our distribution list. The Storm Lake School Pantry received five cases of pork loins, which will provide 60 pork loins and 1,080 servings of protein-packed pork.

Thanks for all you do DianaGreat work AJ!

“I am a mother and it just breaks my heart knowing there are kids in our community who are going hungry,” she said. “These pork loins are going to be such a positive addition to our food boxes. It really means a lot.”