Summer 2021 Intern Caleb

posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Caleb poses in his intern polo.
After a short break for Haul Out Hunger, we are back with more spotlights of our outstanding summer interns!

“I’ve learned new skills that I can use in school, in a future career and on my family farm,” said Caleb, a finishing supervisor intern from Monticello, Iowa.

Caleb will be a junior at Iowa State University in the fall where he is double majoring in animal science and agricultural studies. His coursework at Iowa State connects directly to the responsibilities and duties he fulfills as a part of his internship.

“I supervise six barns making sure the pigs stay healthy and ensuring the managers have what they need to maintain the pigs’ health. I also give advice to the managers to ensure they are doing the best job possible,” he explained.

Caleb’s hard work and dedication to his role haven’t gone unnoticed by those he works with.
“He has a great attitude about getting some of the tougher jobs done,” said his supervisor Chawn. No matter the weather or how many hours we've worked that day, if it needed to be done it was accomplished with a smile on his face.”

We’re wishing you the best during the rest of your internship, Caleb. Keep up the great work!
Stay tuned for more #ISFInterns21 highlights.