Summer 2021 Intern Michael

posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Michael poses in his blue intern polo
“It's been exciting to learn more about the commercial swine industry and what all goes into production behind the scenes such as ventilation and filtration, to produce healthier and safer pork products,” said Michael, Iowa Select’s ventilation and filtration intern for the summer.

Michael is a student at Iowa State University where he studies agricultural engineering with a minor in industrial technology while also pursuing his master’s degree in business administration. His studies at Iowa State have transferred over to his work at Iowa Select.

“I wanted an internship experience that offered a variety of learning opportunities related to engineering,” he said. “I have enjoyed applying the skills I have learned in my time at Iowa State in projects of my own that will have a lasting impact on production.”

Michael working on an electrical box
As a ventilation and filtration intern, Michael works with engineers and technicians servicing, maintaining and installing ventilation components such as fans, motors and filters. He also assists on new sow farm remodel projects.

“My main project is monitoring Hydrogen sulfide gas levels in barns, and I am currently developing code to process data and generate farm reports that will be used to adjust ventilation settings to ensure proper air quality for both the hogs in the barns as well as employees and caretakers,” he explained.

Michael’s hard work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed by his co-workers.

“Michael has jumped right in and made himself a part of the team in the short time he’s been here,” said John, Michael’s supervisor. “He always brings a positive attitude whether writing computer code or replacing fan motors.”

We’re wishing you the best during the rest of your internship, Michael. Keep up the great work!
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