Superhuman Teamwork and Efficiency in Stockdale

posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Some might call it superhuman efficiency and teamwork, but at the Stockdale/Sow 11 farm it’s a pretty normal day. Thanks to the farm crew for taking care of 4,200 sows (and those litters!) throughout a major remodel of the entire farm, all while graciously and enthusiastically touring retailer and foodservice representatives through the site.

Sow 11 is a farm similar to the other 37 in our system, however it’s equipped with extra showers for the guests along with a meeting r...oom to give presentations. Throughout the year we host anywhere from 20-30 groups representing grocery stores, foodservice companies and international meat buyers, all in an effort to be transparent, explain how we care for the animals and show what we do.

Led by Lance (farm manager), Katie (veterinarian) and the farm crew, the guests toured the breed barns and got to see how we care for sows housed in both in “open” pens and individual maternity pens. Over in farrowing, day one lead Cleo assisted a sow by pulling a piglet while Sami and Taylor demonstrated how we give iron shots, clip tails to prevent tail biting and castrate the male piglets to preserve meat quality and eliminate “boar taint.”
Thanks to Lance, Jacque, Darl, Cleo, Amanda, Travis, Travis, Gary, Cindy, Jeremy, Taylor, Sami, Erin, Justin, Britany and Jesse for all of the planning and preparation, and more importantly, taking the time to show how you care for the animals and demonstrate and explain what you do every day. ‪#‎billionpounds