Taylor Awarded Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Scholarship

posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Congratulations to Taylor on her Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Scholarship!

Taylor is currently attending Ellsworth Community College to pursue a degree in journalism and communications. After attaining her associate degree, she will then journey toward her bachelor’s degree at ISU or UNI.

“Growing up around hundreds of acres of corn and soybeans makes you realize how much farmer work day-in and day-out, and a great portion of people don’t understand this process,” explains Taylor. “Through journalism, I wish to pursue the goal of spreading more knowledge about Iowa: agricultural practices, the hard-working people, businesses and so much more.” Taylor hopes to stay in Iowa and share Iowa’s features through writing to educate others.

Taylor is the daughter of Jason and Jolene from Popejoy. Jolene is a scheduling assistant in the Iowa Select transportation department.

Taylor wants “to create a world where people know about Iowa.” She wants “to make students and people realize we are more than just a caucus and corn because the people here can change your life”.

Best of luck in the pursuit of these great goals!