Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

posted on Friday, January 8, 2021

“I was in Howard recently and the farm looked good, probably the best I’ve seen it in the last two years,” said Shamus, Director of Multiplication. “You can tell Travis and Brandon are executing consistently because in multiplication, it’s the little things that end up separating the SelectPride winners apart.”

Congratulations to Brandon and Travis, a dynamic duo that recently had their farms tie for first place in Q3 SelectPride rankings. In addition to Howard and Lee, the two are also responsible for Dolecheck and Stalker #1.

“We work really well together,” said Travis. “Brandon is the clean freak when it comes to the farm and together, we focus on animal care. We've also got a great team of supervisors who encourage us every day and push us to our full potential."

According to Tysen, Sr. Multiplication Supervisor, Travis and Brandon have learned to work off each other’s strengths to make their team better. “It just goes to show that teamwork really does make the dream work,” he chuckled. “Their farm’s strong performance is a direct result of all the hard work they’ve been putting in together day-after-day.”

As the more tenured of the two, Travis brings an exceptional amount of experience with animal care and general farm upkeep to their team. He started with Iowa Select Farms in 2006 working on sow farms, then GDUs and several years ago found himself managing various multiplication farms. In the past fourteen years, he’s learned there are three things that are instrumental to a farm’s success: herd health, biosecurity and a happy work environment.

“If you’ve got those things, you’re going to be successful,” said Travis. “As a manager you will learn where to spend extra time—sometimes it’s on animal care and sometimes it’s simply getting to know your team. Both are equally important and will contribute to the farm’s long-term success.

His supervisors agree that Travis knows a thing, or two, about running a successful farm.

“Travis is arguably the most prepared he’s ever been as a manager, and it shows,” Shamus explained. “All of his hard work in the past is paying off now with big production success.”

Brandon, however, is one of our newer managers and since he started with the company has had his eyes on a SelectPride victory.

“In the last year, I’ve really seen Brandon mature and “find his legs” as a young, dependable manager,” said Shamus. “He takes pride in what he does, his farms and pigs. It’s been fun to see his growth, both personally and professionally, and I’m excited to see all that the future has in store for these two.”

Congratulations to Travis and Brandon on your recent success. Keep up the great work in 2021!