Tender Years Receives Little Farmer Toy Box Donation

posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tender Years
We kicked off another full day of Little Farmer Toy Box deliveries with a stop at Tender Years. We visited with Dee and the other day care providers as we unpacked toys.

Dee explained although the last couple of years has not always been easy, we have had supportive staff that has really come through working 50 plus hour weeks to make sure the kids were always taken care of, and parents had a reliable place for them to be during work hours.

They were beyond grateful for the delivery of the Little Farmer Toy Box and appreciated the thought that went into selecting such unique and educational toys.

“We had the best visit from Iowa Select Farms Friday morning,” said Dee Yates, Director of Tender Years. “The kids were so excited to dig into the boxes and greatly enjoyed all the gifts. We just cannot thank them enough for thinking of us.”

Katy nominated the Tender Years, which cares for her littlest one while she is at work.
“Tender Years really gives each child an immense amount of love and attention,” said Katy, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “They love our kids like their own and provide a safe, loving and learning environment for our kids.”Katy

From our smallest in-home day cares to our larger day care centers, our day cares and day care providers make an impression on our kids and their parents’ lives. To have good, quality day care helps families tremendously, and we are so thankful to continue to share their stories.

“We have spent the past week delivering Little Farmer Toy Boxes to nearly 20 day cares across Iowa, and we are not slowing down,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “We have loved every minute of hearing the stories of our day care providers as we open toys with the little ones. Over the next few weeks, we will donate another 50 toy boxes to our day cares across our Homegrown Iowa communities.”