Tenured Team Wins SelectPride

posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Congratulations to Randy, Nate and Barry at Cooper #1 for winning Q1 Multiplication Grower SelectPride. Collectively, the group has 48 years of experience in pork production, so it’s no surprise this isn’t the farm’s first appearance in the SelectPride rankings.


“The key to succeeding on farm is loving your job and doing your best every single day,” said Randy, the farm’s manager. “Our goal every quarter isn’t first place, it’s to provide the best possible care for our pigs as we can. If that happens to get us in the first-place spot, that’s awesome and something to be proud of.”

In addition to the daily care and upkeep at Cooper #1, Randy, Nate and Barry also care for Cooper #2 and Decatur, which Nate manages. Cooper #2 placed fifth in this quarter’s SelectPride rankings.


“What’s a typical day look like around here? Well, I’d say sunny and 75,” joked Nate. “We have fun and sure, we make fun of each other, but it’s because we secretly really enjoy each other’s company. When you’ve worked together as long as we have you get a good rhythm and flow to your day. It makes working alongside each other really easy.”

Barry, who is the farm’s newest employee even with seven years under his belt, says the key to their success is a hard work ethic, ability to adapt to change and knowing each other’s next move.


“We’re all pretty diversified when it comes to our pig experience, so if the game plan changes, we can adapt without missing a beat,” said Barry. “As a team, we’ve learned how to communicate well and often, which I think is very important.”

According to Shamus Brown, DVM and Multiplication Director, this past quarter presented its own unique set of challenges.


“I continue to be extremely proud of our multiplication grower teams,” he said. “COVID-19 has provided some unique obstacles but our team, like all of Iowa Select Farms, has stepped up to do what’s necessary for our pigs and people! I appreciate the competition in SelectPride each quarter but this quarter I want to recognize everyone for their dedication to the pigs and to each other.”

Congratulations to Randy, Nate and Barry on an excellent first quarter.