Thank You Shout Out to Terry Kondora!

posted on Monday, July 8, 2019

Spoiler Alert! We were passing pizza and cake through the bench entry of a new farm we are soon to feature, and ran into Terry Kondora. He could be one of our most well-traveled employees, having lived in 70 countries working as a Navy mechanic for most of his life.

Now he’s retired and working part time in transportation—as a semen courier, to be exact. For the last seven years, he’s reported to Qualley Boar Stud before 6:00 a.m. to retrieve bags of semen, running routes east over to Stockdale, Mott, Iso Pork and Hunt farms, then up north to deliver genetics fresh to Saratoga, Primrose, Erickson, Thorsen, Elmand, Gieger--and now, Yale.

Terry Kondora

“My boss tells me that what I do every day makes 20,000 market pigs per delivery, so it feels good to be a part of production,” says Terry.

Terry says he likes that Iowa Select Farms supports veterans, and that all the work the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation does to help military families.

Yale— Sow Farm 39

But if you see Terry, don’t ask him for a ride. He has a strict no-passenger policy and is particular about where he stops, if he has to at all. “Any stop is a threat to biosecurity and puts his truck and the precious cargo at risk.”

Terry says that when he was in the Navy, his fellow Sailors counted on him to get it right. Now these farms do to, and that makes him feel good.

Yale Sow Farm from a distance

Thank you, Terry, most importantly for your military service, but also everything you do for Iowa Select Farms.