That's a Wrap on Power Snack 2021!

posted on Monday, November 29, 2021

"Power Snacks provide not only our students, but their families, with the ability to make nutritious protein packed meals at home. We know that some students don't have the benefit of receiving healthy meals while at home," said Nicky Nachazel, Nurse at Alden Elementary School. "It's another reassuring way to know our students are supported outside of the classroom."

Our final stop on Power Snack was in our hometown school district of Iowa Falls & Alden CSDs. First, we visited with Laura Thies, Nurse at Iowa Falls - Alden High School Cadets. As one of our first schools to receive Power Snacks nine years ago, the Cadets hold a special place in our program.

"These Power Snacks provide students nutritious food after school and on the weekends when they may be on their own during meal times," said Laura. "It provides the parents with foods that they know are healthy so it can give them peace of mind."


The Power Snack program supplies teachers with the resources to give students facing food insecurity an additional boost during the school year. Each booklet contains a $5 coupon for fresh deli ham and a $3 coupon for a loaf of whole wheat bread. In total, the Iowa Falls-Alden Community School District received 2,400 Power Snack coupon booklets and 400 pork snack sticks.

As Iowan's and pork producers, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms will continue the fight against childhood hunger in our local communities. That wraps up our Power Snack deliveries for 2021!