The Q2 results are in!

posted on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Q2 results are in....Congratulations to the entire Iowa Select Farms team on producing 483,000,000 pounds of pork so far this year! Our system is 2% ahead of our last year’s production and within the smallest increments of hitting the aggressive ‪#‎billionpounds‬ targets we set for this most recent quarter.

Our team achieved above target in Q1 and continues to break company records on total born and born alive, and mortality in wean-to-finish is at an all-time low. Our caretakers have done a phenomenal job of pushing through seasonal setbacks and several health breaks that left us 2% below hitting our #billionpounds Q2 target of 493,000,000 pounds of pork sold.

Why? Delta corona virus breaks at Sow 19 and 114, a PEDv break at Sow 12, and a farm depop (an effort to reintroduce a high health gilt flow) resulted in 44,000 fewer pigs than expected, and slower growth rates in finishing thanks to the high summer heat have all created temporary setbacks during a traditionally tough season for all pork producers.

Anyone involved in farming and food production will tell you setbacks are not only anticipated, but expected. Plus, we happen to love a good challenge. Our forecasts for Q3, Q4 and hitting our #billionpounds goal are in our favor and our teams are focused on biosecurity and all on the little details that go into excellent animal care.

Keep following our billion pound journey and we progress through the second half of this very exciting year! #billionpounds ‪#‎keeppushing‬ ‪#‎wegotthis