The Science Of Odor and What Farmers are Doing About it

posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Odor. It happens. But does it happen as often as we think? Many who were raised on farms think back fondly of the smell of fresh cut alfalfa, a gentle rain on a corn field…and even the reminder that a farm has livestock.

With Iowa being one of the leading states for animal agriculture, reducing objectionable livestock smells and being good neighbors is top of mind for dairy, beef, poultry, turkey and swine farmers. In this issue of Homegrown Iowa, we’ll share what we know about odor—including answering the million dollar question—how much odor is there?

This issue shares the results of largest and most comprehensive livestock odor study to date, along with several best management practices widely used by Iowa pig farmers to reduce odors from the three main sources identified in the article.

While farmers continuously work to find new and better ways to reduce odors for rural neighbors, these best management practices still hold strong. Read more in the full issue.