Thorsen Sow 24 Recognized for Production Success

posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Congratulations to Thorsen Sow 24 on being named our First Place Sow Farm last quarter!

When it comes to achieving success on farm, the name of the game is consistency—something manager Caleb and his team know a thing—ehem—know A LOT about.


“We show up and give it our all every single day,” said Caleb. “Everyone chores their own rooms, so there’s an added element of accountability. My team is good, really good, and quick. They all just do a great job day in, day out.”

If you’ve been following SelectPride rankings (our farms may be a tad bit competitive), you’ll have seen Sow 24 steadily climbing into the number one spot. Last year, they finished in the sixth overall spot. Now that they’ve made it to the top, they’re focused on staying there. 

“Sow 24 is one of those farms where the whole staff is embedded in the pride of the farm,” said Mark, the farm’s supervisor. “Caleb does a great job of patiently coaching individual crew members and as a result, has developed a superb and talented team.”flor

In addition to being talented, the team at 24 is quite tenured with the newest employee having been at the farm for over a year. Together, the team has 22 years combined experience in breeding and 47 combined years in farrowing.

Alongside Caleb is Farrowing Department Head, Dominique, Assistant Farrowing Department Head, Matt, Breeding Department Head, Jake, Assistant Breeding Department Head, Edward, Newborn Pig Specialists, Deb and Flor, Breeding Leads, Vicente, Cristobal and Liliana, Heat Check Specialist, Randy, and animal caretakers Justin and Jason.

“We’ve all worked together for quite a while, so there’s no room for drama or pitter patter,” said Caleb. “We know what to expect from each other and are really just focused on animal care, that’s everyone’s main priority.”pig

According to Mark, the entire team is very detail oriented and understand that even the smallest of changes will make an impact. “Whether it’s a tenth here or a tenth there, this team knows that it will make a difference in the outcome of the farm,” he said. “As a result, they put in a lot of effort capturing those small percentages.”

s24Some recent production highlights from the farm include a 30.14 P/S/Y for the quarter, 89.6% farrow, just .4% below their 90% goal and the 3rd highest for the quarter—an accomplishment in an of itself before you factor in the farm’s older herd. Additionally, Sow 24 had the 2nd best non-productive days in the company with an average of 24.92.

Even with strong breeding and farrowing departments, the crew at Sow 24 focuses on continuous improvement.

“The staff is generally curious and always asking how I think they farm looks and how they can make it better,” said the farm’s veterinarian, Katie. “The best part is that the genuinely care and take the advice that I or their supervisor, Mark, gives them and puts it into action immediately. I always enjoy my visits there.”

Congratulations on a strong quarter, Sow 24. Keep up the great work!