UDMO Hamilton County— Haul Out Hunger

posted on Thursday, June 20, 2019

“The first year of a child’s life is so important developmentally, but it’s also really expensive,” said April Kelley, family development and self-sufficiency specialist in Hamilton County. “Everybody always thinks, ‘Oh, that will never be me’, but they underestimate how expensive raising a child can be.”

Henry's Heros Donation

New this year, in addition to a freezer full of pork loins, we are donating Henry’s Heroes packages. Inspired by Henry Johnson, Deb and Jeff Hansen's grandchild and the son of Natalie and Jake Johnson, Henry’s Heroes brings children’s personal care items to hospitals, food pantries and women and children’s shelters. Natalie had the vision for Henry’s Heroes after she and Jake organized a donation of Henry's baby shower items to Blank Children's Hospital.

Food Pantry

“We are so excited about this donation because people forget we help with more than food assistance,” continued April. “But oftentimes families are forced to make difficult decisions like buying baby supplies or food, gas or food. They’re put in some really difficult situations.

Group picture with pork loins

From basics like bottles and diapers to more fun items like books, toys, and the cutest clothes, Henry’s Heroes brings joy to children and their caretakers when they are in most need.

Allyson Ladd hauling in pork loinsApril Kelley by freezer full of pork loins