Union County Receives Power Snacks

posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2020


We’ve officially crossed county lines and arrived in beautiful Union County, just a few blocks away from our warehouse in Afton. We came to town to visit with the school district’s new Food Service Director, Tawnya Jones, and deliver 1,500 Power Snack coupon booklets + 200 Pork sticks for local students in-need.

Although this is the eighth-year qualifying students in the district will receive Power Snack, this was Tawnya’s first experience with the coupons. “When kids come to school hungry, they’re tired and unable to concentrate,” she explained. “But when they come to school with a full belly, it reduces the number of behavioral issues we see. I’ve heard a lot about these coupons because being able to send them home with students before extended holiday breaks has been huge. They keep kids fed even when they’re not at school.”

Each Power Snack booklet contains two coupons—$5 worth of deli ham and $3 worth of whole wheat bread. The combination of ham and whole wheat bread is a powerful trifecta for nutrition. The coupons are bright and colorful, but more importantly, easy to use! They can be redeemed at any local grocery store or market.

“Oftentimes parents are working on weekends and holidays. Something simple like a ham sandwich may be the difference in preventing kids from going hungry,” said Jen Sorenson, Communications Director for Iowa Select Farms.

In addition to the 1,500 Power Snack coupon booklets, the district received 200 Pork Sticks—a perfect, protein-packed snack fit for a superhero.