United Methodist Church Food Pantry-Hampton

posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

“On Thursday nights we open our doors for a popup community café for about 140 people,” said Pat Sackville, one of the main volunteers at the Hampton United Methodist Church Food Pantry. “It’s an opportunity to feed those in need and fellowship in a comfortable environment. Food brings people together and we’ve found we reach more community members with a meal than just having a pantry, so we do both.”

There is no shortage of compassion and hard work at the Methodist church in Hampton where volunteers like Pat and Vicki Heron spend several hours a week serving others. Whether it’s maintaining the pantry or preparing one of their Thursday night meals, Pat and Vicki are committed to doing whatever it takes to end food insecurity in Hampton.

“This week we’re doing mashed potatoes and gravy,” said an enthusiastic Vicki. “Can you think of anything better to pair with this delicious pork loin? The 140 people that we serve are going to be so excited and I’d bet you that there will be a line out the door at the community café this week!”

Thank you Pat and Vicki for everything you do for the community of Hampton. We were proud to provide you with 60 fresh pork loins today for your pantry and also for the community cafe. #HaulOutHunger #BillionPlus