United Methodist Church Food Pantry-New Hartford

posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"One of the main misconceptions about food pantries is that the families that come here seeking help are not working, but in reality they are some of the hardest working people I know," said Diana Bass of the New Hartford Food Pantry. "Most of our clients work not just one, but two jobs and are putting in 50-60 hours a week. To say that they are getting handouts just isn't true, sometimes people fall on tough times and can use a helping hand. That's where we step in to help."

Like many food pantries, New Hartford's can be found in a local church, specifically the United Methodist Church on Oneida Street. "We don't have particular hours that we are open," explained Diana. "We're here for families on an as-needed basis, but most come through once a month to get the items that their household needs. Whether it's soap and shampoo or pasta and peanut butter, we have a variety of items for them to take home."

Our crew of five helped Diana unload four cases of loins into the pantry's remaining freezer space and the smile on her face seemed to grow bigger as loin-after-loin was loaded into the freezer.

"The best thing about these pork loins is that they are just so big," exclaimed Diana. "I'm always so pleasantly surprised at how large they are. Our clients are going to be able to make these loins stretch for several meals which is really the best part of all. These 48 loins are going to families that might not have been able to afford them otherwise."

Thank you to Diana for your hard-work and commitment to clarifying common misconceptions about food insecurity. We both believe that everyone deserves a good meal and thank you for your commitment to bettering the community of New Hartford!

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