Veteran Spotlight on

posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Jerry next to Military TruckWe’ve been honoring our employee and contractor veterans who have served our country. Next, we want to highlight Jerry, an Air Force Veteran and employee transport driver for Iowa Select Farms.

Jerry began his journey in the United States Air Force as a microwave radio technician, stationed at Royal Air Force (RAF) Station Barkway, an hour and a half north of London, England. At the time, Jerry could have never imagined that he would live in England for 33 years.

During his 15 years of service, Jerry moved around England to different Royal Air bases. Due to the United States’ close relationship with the United Kingdom, many military units are dually stationed at British bases, which Jerry thoroughly enjoyed. “I loved my time spent living in England,” he said. “The people, the culture and the British countryside make it one of the most beautiful places on this earth.”

In addition to being stationed at RAF Barkway, Jerry was also placed at RAF Uxbridge in London and RAF Croughton in Brackley.

Jerry has natural leadership and teaching ability. No surprise to his peers when he took on the role of training new airmen. After 15 great years, Jerry was looking for a change, although he wasn’t ready to leave the military. He retired from active duty and began a new job as a civil servant in the Air Force. During his 18 years in civil service, Jerry spent seven years working for the Air Force and the remaining 11 years with the Army.

Originally from Aplington in Butler County, Jerry always knew he wanted to get his family back to his hometown roots, though England will always hold a special place in his heart. “My wife, Lisa, and I are looking forward to traveling back to England with our three daughters, as we still have many old friends there.”

Thank you, Jerry, for your 33 years of service to our Country!